Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Ten Table Manners

I stumbled across this top ten list today and thought Lizzy had some great ideas so I thought I would share the love!!
  1. Chew with your mouth shut.
  2. Avoid slurping, smacking, blowing your nose, or other gross noises. (If necessary, excuse yourself to take care of whatever it is you need to take care of.)
  3. Don’t use your utensils like a shovel or as if you’ve just stabbed the food you’re about to eat.
  4. Don’t pick your teeth at the table.
  5. Remember to use your napkin at all times.
  6. Wait until you’re done chewing to sip or swallow a drink. (The exception is if you’re choking.)
  7. Cut only one piece of food at a time.
  8. Avoid slouching and don’t place your elbows on the table while eating (though it is okay to prop your elbows on the table while conversing between courses.)
  9. Instead of reaching across the table for something, ask for it to be passed to you.
  10. Always say ‘excuse me’ whenever you leave the table.


Preppy 101 said...

I love Ashley Brooke Designs more everyday!!!

Dugout Daisy said...

I read #6 and immediately thought about my ex, hah! He would put as much food in his mouth as possible, chew a tiny bit, and then take a drink of soda while all his food was packed by his cheek! I hated it!!!

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