Thursday, February 26, 2009

Business Calls

I know alot of you are "Work at Home Moms" and do a lot of communication with other colleges via e-mail and phone. So I was looking for some helpful etiquette tips for you and came accross an article on Business Calls for the working mom.

Work-at-home moms often have to make business calls to potential clients and colleagues. Remember that the impression you make rests entirely on your voice and choice of words, not your appearance. This makes it all the more important to sound personable and professional.

I recommend following the cues of the person with whom you’re speaking. If they are no-nonsense and all business, you be the same.
Here are some fatal faux pas during a business call:

Don’t eat on the phone, even a cough drop or gum can makes its presence known.

Don’t repeatedly address a business associate by his/her first name, as it can sound insincere and patronizing.

Try to arrange calls when the children will be out, napping or occupied.

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All-American Preppy said...

Great etiquette tips as always! And that card is adorable :)

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