Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perfume Etiquette

No one loves perfume more than me, I truly love buying a new scent,
there is something about perfume that just makes you feel pretty!
Although, there is nothing more irritating than when someone wears too much.
Have you ever been on an airplane seated next to a person during a 9hour flight
whose only goal in life is to suffocate you with his/her scent... it is truly awful!
So here are some tips on how to stay smelling sweet without making people want to weep!!
1. Pick a suitable scent for your age.
There is defiantly a difference in perfume,
some are obviously more mature than others,
keep that in mind when purchasing your new sent.
2. Keeping in mind the time of day.
Don't wear a strong scent during the day,
keep your stronger more sophisticated scents for evening.
3. Application
At first only apply a minimal amount,
you can always reapply (never in public) but it is difficult to take off.
4. Parameters
If you know that you will be in close quarters with others take cation when applying.
Also, you might not be able to smell the perfume if it is a sent that you wear often, but that doesn't mean that others aren't effected.


QueenBeeSwain said...

ooooh- good post- have you ever noticed how the peeps that are drenched in it always have the tackiest smelling perfume? hmmm!

like that they noted that the scent should be suitable for your age. nothing worse than a 13 year old smelling like a hooker or a 58 year old trying to pretend she's a 20 year old.


Jennifer said...

I love the post! The worst offenders right now are teenage boys! I would amend your list to add one key rule...

--Never, under any circumstances, should any sent be worn to a gym. Not only is it annoying, but it could be a health hazard for those around you!--

SJN said...

I love my clean unscented airspace! Too much scent makes me a bit sick.

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