Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twitter + Etiquette = Twitterquette

Are we all twitter now?!?
Well, some of us are.. so for those of you who are tweetastic, this is for you!!
A Few Twittering Don'ts :
Asking too many silly questions

Swearing (judged by saying a word your grandmother would shudder at)

Twittering when drinking (as judged by slur in text)

Responding to your own twitter question

Responding to someone you follow when they don't follow you (so can't see you)

If responding directly to a person you must insert @ in front of the persons user name @smith. This way only people who are following both people involved with receive the Tweets.
But if you use @ you must place it at the beginning of the Tweet or it will still be forwarded to all your followers.
P.S. If you are on Twitter... Let's be friends!!!
My name is: @abdesigns

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