Monday, April 13, 2009

Beyond the Handshake Etiquette

Here’s when it’s okay—and not—to use more personal greetings:

The Peck on the Cheek: Men and women should refrain from kissing in business situations, since even an innocent peck might be misconstrued. The exception is when people know each other quite well, especially when they greet each other at a quasi-social event like a convention or a business lunch.

The Air Kiss: This cheek-touch with pursed lips that began as a way of avoiding smudged makeup can come across as insincere. Stick with the handshake
Quick Tip Via: Emily Post

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Pink Martini said...

New reader to your blog. Love it. I was wondering about the double cheek air kiss that seems to be so popular on the NYC Housewives. Ridiculous. We are not Europeans, n'est pas? :)

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