Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dining Don'ts

Dining Don't from The Little Book of Etiquette:
1. Don't over load your plate
2. Don't EVER put your knife in your mouth
3. Don't mop your face with your napkin
4. Don't spread your elbows out when cutting meat
5. Don't chew with your mouth open
6. Don't smack your lips
7. Don't touch your head to the table
8. Don't saw back and forth when cutting your food
9. Don't blow on food that is hot, wait till it cools.
10. Don't reach across the table


Dugout Daisy said...

Why would someone touch their head to the table??? Hahaha, that one made me laugh, but in any case these are all really good!

Mrs. Kate said...

That is exactly what I was going to write-who touches their head to the table? Is it someone who is just so full they need a nap during dinner?!?


KinaBolina said...

Ladies, it is called: One too many glasses of wine. *passes out*
Oh my!
xoxo Caroline

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