Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graduation Etiquette: Part 2

Getting Grads to Write Thank-you Notes
I want my teenage son to send thank-you notes for his graduation gifts, but he thinks it’s unnecessary and old-fashioned. How do I get him to write the notes?
A. Appeal to your son’s empathy. Ask him how he’d feel if he had put effort into choosing a gift for someone and never received a response. You can also remind him that those who feel unappreciated may stop sending gifts. A hand-written note is warmer than e-mail, so make it easier by providing him with the tools: stationery, stamps, etc. And be a good role model. Say, “How about we both sit down tonight and work on note writing?”


Sincerely Sara said...

I love this advice! My long-time boyfriend is about to graduate from medical school and still has a stack of unsent HIGH SCHOOL graduation gift thank you cards. They're even addressed! I'll definitely play the empathy card for this next graduation party. Thank you.

Miss Janice said...

Love this post Ashley...My brother KNOWS this...Mama trained him at young age!

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