Thursday, May 28, 2009

Should I bring a gift if I am making the cake?

I received a great question yesterday on Ask Ashley Wednesday:
Should I bring a gift if I am making the cake?
No I don't think you have should especially if you are making cakes like these. But if you are whipping up a $2.79 box of Betty Crocker yellow cake, I would definitely bring a gift!

*** Edit to post: I made a MAJOR typo: I meant definitely NOT defiantly***


b is for brown said...

you are wonderful!

thank you! posting the cake in a few!

b is for brown said...

and to be honest, i am not able to make it so i won't be sending a gift. although if i were to go, i would bring one because i am just TOO nice. haha!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I agree! Maybe a cute card would be nice with a little message saying "Hope you enjoy the cake!"

Dollface said...

Just became a new follower... I love your cards with the picture of you and the doggie.. do you make those for other people? I would love one of me, my bf and our pug when we move in end of July!! let me know :) xxooo

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