Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Should you take your baby to the movies?

Okay so, here's the deal... I completely understand that sometimes you just need to get out of the house and head down town to a matinee. Personally I think that is perfectly acceptable, especially since there aren't many people on a Monday afternoon at a movie! But here is what isn't acceptable (by the way, I am a BIG fan of babies so their fussing bothers me much less than the normal person, just an FYI!!) if your baby starts to fuss more than a quick hush hush can fix, just politely stand up and walk to the back of the theater by the door and see if a little trot does the trick... if not.... take a step outside (although if you are the only one in the theater... let'em fuss all they want!). It's really not okay to stay seated while your child wails through 20 minutes of the movie.
**This also applies to church!**


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

no kids under 3 years old in church. (my church's rule, not my rule)

and no babies in theaters. the two year olds are worse than the infants because if there's an inappropriate scene you just feel so bad for the kid that has to watch that!

Monica said...

I agree with you, but it also depends on what kind of movie it to to some extent. If it's a children's movie, that fine, but not something PG-13 or rated R. I remember when Superbad came out, this mother brought her little children to the theater regardless of it being rated R. There were so manay F-bombs that she had to walk out of the movie with her kids. There's a reason for these ratings and people need to take heed.

Beaufort Belle said...

AMEN! I too have no problem with them being there, however if it is more than a quick hush hush will do, please step out.

Our church remodeled their sanctuary last fall and put a big screen tv outside in the lobby with big comfy couches and chairs so that if you need to step out with your child or infant, you won't miss any of the service.

Preppy 101 said...

No babies in the show, church, weddings! I have decided that when my PD gets married, we will have an enclosure card that states "Nursery will be provided for children 3 and under." I have been to several weddings that included crying infants and toddlers. So rude and inconsiderate of the parents.

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