Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guest Blogger: Technology Etiquette

Janine our guest blogger will be covering technology etiquette!

Today’s topic is basic technology etiquette. We have Facebook, Twitter, email, cell phones, bluetooth gadgets all over, ipods, laptops...you name it, we have it (or at least we’re thinking about how to get it). We are so connected to the outside world that it’s a wonder we’re not all suffering from major stress (which I know many are). That being said, linking this to etiquette is a slightly different matter. Here are some things to remember when dealing with technology:

Nothing is private- whatever you post, upload, update, etc., is out there for the world to see potentially, so be careful what you talk about, what you upload, and who you are “friends” with in virtual land; this of course includes online chats.

I have a “Top 10 Don’ts” for email that you can find on my blog.

Be courteous. Don’t assume that because you are hiding behind an ipod, you can get away with not holding the door open for a young mother struggling with her stroller or ignore the elderly woman standing on the subway while you sit comfortably. Having earbuds in your head does not give you the right to ignore every day social graces, but it can make it more difficult to extend them as you become more enveloped in your own world.

Here is a post I did with other helpful links and articles that I found for these different situations that we will undoubtedly find ourselves in at one time or another.
~ Janine


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

As usual, I'm forwarding your technology and phone etiquette posts to my kids. I tell them these things over and over but sometimes the advice hits home a lot "larger" when it comes from someone else.

Mrs. McB said...

I love the comments about hiding behind earbuds. I hate when people do that, but it is so true.

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