Monday, June 15, 2009

Is it better to overdress or under dress?

Is it better to overdress or under dress??!? This I feel is a confusing question I have had it told to me both ways, “When going to a party it is always better to over-dress then under” and then again I have heard it the opposite as well. But when in doubt ask Mrs. Post! After some research I have found the answer:

“When in doubt, under-dressing can be safer than over-dressing.”

Well there you have it, Mrs. Post has spoken.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Good to know :)

Dollface said...

wow thats really interesting.... i always dress a little underdressed but over at the same time, i just confused myself, haha xxoo

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

I think underdressing makes you more "approachable" and "touchable" -- When I go to a party and see someone overdressed, I always want to know "What are they compensating for?" -- I think Mrs. Post is correct!

mrosev14 said...

Well I understand Reality's comment about underdressing making you more approachable I'd still rather over dress!

Looking good makes you feel good, underdressing makes me feel scrubby and out of place.

Just my two sense.

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