Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who's name goes first when sending an invitation?

I never know whose name goes first when addressing an envelope to a couple.

I did a little research and cleared it up!
Gregory and Lesa Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Daniel

source: Emily Post


Dollface said...

thanks! :) xxxooo

Blackeyed_Susan said...

I think you should address what happens when a woman is a Doctor and a man is not. My friend is getting married and she says their title will be Dr. and Mr. McBride...sounds kinda awkward! :P

mrosev14 said...

Thanks for that. As far as Susan's comment on the doctor thing, it sound weird, but I think this is the generation that we are seeing that more and more.

A good number of my friends are married like that are they feel a bit like they are hurting their husband's feelings but they worked hard for that degree. They deserve the recognition.

sashyjane said...

I've always heard that you don't separate the man's first name from his last name. ie: Lesa and Gregory Daniel. Is that just a preference or a different rule? I like putting the man first better.

Sara said...

I just came across this post and I htink it answers a very common mmistake. sashyjane is correct in that you keep a man's first and last names together.

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