Monday, July 20, 2009

Cocktail Attire

When an invitation states "Cocktail Attire" what exactly does that mean?
Sometimes I feel like that can mean an array of different things
but this is what this is what I've found:
A dark suit for the man
a black or jewel-tone knee-length dress for a woman.


Iva said...

I always just picture a little black dress :)

mrosev14 said...

I agree with Iva, I imagine the little black dress for cocktail attire.

Brittany said...

I definitely agree with the little black dress. However what if it's called a business cocktail hour? I had this happen to me at the beginning of the summer and I was totally thrown off! Hubs works for a big university and we had cocktail hour at the Presidents house from 3 to 5! I ended up wearing a khaki color dress, which worked out perfectly! So, you don't always have to go with black :) Oh, the rules of fashion!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Now if we could only get people to always follow this directive! Thanks for the info - glad to know I can include my cocktail dresses other than black {even though I usually go with black - I'm so predictable}/

genial said...

i like this one :) :thumbsup: and i like your lovely blog :)

Dollface said...

I just got my stuff yesterday!! thank you sooo much, xxooo

ABC Dragoo said...

Good point, thanks for sharing it!

I am attending an outdoor wedding at the end of August in Charleston, S.C. Hot, no? When the bride said "Cocktail Attire" I figured she absolutely could not expect these men to wear a full suit - but it looks like she does!

The poor guys will need to change shirts between the wedding ceremony and reception!

Jeremy said...

I would recommend a seersucker suit to the men attending the Charleston wedding in August. I wore one to an outdoor July wedding in Nashville, TN and was the envy of everyone in attendance--it's a full suit, but the light fabric is cooler than usual and with the right accessories it's very chic and stylish!

Plus, it allows the man a greater opportunity to coordinate with his lady's dress, as it has more room for colorful shirts, ties, and boutonnieres.

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