Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Address Invitations

I recently came upon this problem and was super confused on how to address an invitation to two doctors that are married but have different last names.
This is the information I found via The Knot
I hope this is helpful for you too!

If a wife and husband are both doctors,
the outer and inner envelopes should be addressed to:
"The Doctors Rosenthal."
It's that simple!
If they're married but have different last
names, list both names in alphabetical order on separate lines:
"Dr. Rosenthal" followed by "Dr. Schwartz".
If only one spouse is a doctor, list the
person with the professional name first:
"Dr. Kate Randolph Mr. Brian Randolph"
or "Dr. Kate Randolph and Mr. Brian Randolph"
(if it fits on one line).

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Katie said...

Love the Dr. Kate & Mr. Brian

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