Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bridal Shower Trends

Although there are long standing traditions and appropriate etiquette concerning bridal showers, there are some new, less traditional shower trends I thought you might be interested in. Here are four courtesy of

1. Destination Showers: Take your shower out of the home and to a fun locale, like a great restaurant with tons of ambiance or the local country club for a preppy touch. Taken a step further, a shower can be centered around a spa weekend, a wine tasting or a beach trip-think outside the box and the possibilities are endless!

2.Activity Bridal Showers: Instead of opening gifts or playing games, why not get schooled in something useful? Use the shower as an opportunity. Have a chef come in and teach a cooking class, or a florist give flower arranging tips. Even hire a craft expert to teach the girls how to knit or sew!

3. Couple Showers: Men and women are welcome at these showers which usually involve giving gifts the husband and wife can both use. A shower with both sexes certainly mixes things up a bit and can be as casual as a barbeque or as elaborate as a sit down dinner party.

4. The Man Shower: Also referred to as a Power Shower, this gives the groom's friends a chance to stock his tool cabinet and garage with all the things he'll need around the house!

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Brittany said...

I've seen men baby showers too where they guys brought the new daddy diapers!

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