Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do's and Don'ts for Babysitters


  • Babysitters should be aware of contact information and familiarize themselves with it when they arrive
  • Do find and play age appropriate games or activities with the children, always giving them your undivided attention
  • Do Clean-up! Whether you have the kids help along the way or tidy up after the kids are in bed or down for a nap, trust me, the parents will be super grateful!
  • Do always keep safety in mind. Make sure doors and windows are locked and children are kept away ftom things like pots on the stove or uncovered electrical outlets.

  • Make or receive personal phone calls
  • Watch TV or surf the internet while the children are still awake
  • Open the door or answer home phone calls unless the parents tell you to or that they are expecting a visitor or a call.
  • Don't make any assumptions. Always clarify bedtimes, routines, allergies, etc.

(Sourced from Parenthood.com; Everyday Etiquette with Diane Gottsman)

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