Monday, August 10, 2009

Moving Out Manners

This past weekend my fiance and I found the perfect place for us to live once we are married. The location is super convenient for his commute to work and there's plenty of space for me to create my very own home office! Manolo will be moving in at the end of this month and I'll be moving in once we are married. We are thrilled to have found what will become our first home together, so I thought this week's ettiquette posts would be on moving and the job of being a good neighbor.

Today's Tip: Whenever you move, the first step is always moving out of your current residence so here are some "Moving Out Manners."

  • Plan your move from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. You don't want to be moving during rush hour or having your movers and neighbors competing for parking space.
  • Be sure your movers are being polite. If they insist on blasting loud music while working, kindly ask them to turn it down so as not to disturb the whole street.
  • Clean up after yourself. Leave your house or apartment free of any moving day debris such as boxes, newspaper, etc.


Dollface said...

As always, thanks for the amazing tips!! We just finished our move and I sent thank you cards to both sets of parents on my new flat cards, love it! and love ya! xxxoo

Moving guide said...

Hey, great and helpful tips to facilitate moving. Thanks for them. Good point about the neighbors - it certainly is important not to disturb them too much. All in all, hope your moving will go smoothly.

Best regards, Jay.

Lucky in Love said...

Great tips! So glad you found a place that you love!

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