Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer


I hope each of you had a fabulous Labor Day! Since Labor Day signifies the last hoorah of summer, I thought we could spend this (short) week (yay!) talking about traveling etiquette. So without further ado let's discuss dressing for travel. I know this is a hot topic. Many of us have blogged or tweeted about that Don't we saw in the airport while jetting off to Timbuktu. I can't emphasize enough that pajamas and/or lounge wear is NOT appropriate. It just isn't. Be comfortable but try make the effort to pull together a classic casual ensemble a la Cindy Crawford:

Sorry Evangeline Lily, epic FAIL:


Stayed tuned for more travel tips and etiquette this week!

1 comment:

Modern Maven said...

Cindy looks FANTASTIC! I think I need a light weight scarf for fall! I couldn't get real into that in the summer when it was HOT (as SO many people did). But for fall, I'm ALL OVER the look!

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