Thursday, September 10, 2009

When Traveling Abroad

Here are some good things to keep in mind when traveling abroad. Cultures and customs have a definite impact on the proper etiquette of the day!

1. Dress appropriately--shorts and a tank top are not OK when taking a trip to the Vatican. Museums, historical monuments, and even entire countries can have their own dress codes. Do your research to avoid embarrassment.

2. Be polite and give new things a try. Locals will appreciate this

3. As you would at home, be respectful and turn off/silence your cell phones where appropriate. Don't chew gum (in some countries it's illegal!) or smoke unless you know its OK.

4. Do your research and brush up on non-verbal cues. What may be a non issue in the US (handshake, hug, pat on the back) could seriously offend your new friend in your new land.

5. Learn a few words in the language of your destination. Phrases like thank you, good morning, etc. go a long way in fostering good relations.

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