Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hosting House Guests

Hosting house guests can be fun if you take pleasure in preparing for them. Think of this as your opportunity to create an environment where your guests will feel comfortable, cozy and engaged.

Make an effort to spruce up the area where your friends or family will be staying. Dress the bed with fresh, clean linens and maybe top off the dresser with a vase of fresh flowers. Particularly if you know your guest has a favorite bloom.

Find out ahead of time if your guests have any food allergies or strong aversions to certain foods and try to accommodate them while they're staying with you. You wouldn't want to make a hug mexican meal, only to find our your guests hate mexican food (having a hard time imagining such a thing-haha ;).

Remember that once your guests arrive, its time to relax and enjoy their company!

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Kaitlin said...

I always send my guest a mini questionnaire before they come (some funny some about food) to make sure they really enjoy their stay.

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