Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Travel Must Haves!

Whether I am traveling by plane, car, train or boat there are certain essentials I carry with me no matter what.

1.  A Pashmina: You never know what the temps will be in your vehicle and sometimes your fellow passengers want things at a different temperature than you do.  A pashmina provides some warmth, comfort and is always stylish.

2.  Snacks: Travel can be very unpredictable so its always good to be prepared with snacks in case you get stuck and miss a meal

3.  Eye Drops and Moisturizer: Depending on your method of travel, your weather and circumstances can be drying.  Bring these to re-moisturizer when you arrive.

4.  Medicine:  Pack medicine for any unforeseen aches and pains.  No one wants to feel poorly while traveling.

1 comment:

Annabel Manners said...

Love it! I agree with your must-haves. For airplanes, I also require a pink iPod and some antibacterial wipes. Lord knows who's touched that tray table... :)

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