Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Train Travel Tips

1.  Take the most direct route to avoid having to switch trains

2.  Pack a carry-on but know that trains allow you to check up to three bags, often times for FREE!

3.  If you are traveling with children, look for discounts for kids 12 and under, the littlest ones may even be free!

4.  Don't agonize over when to book your flight.  Train fares are far more stable than the fluctuating air fares and gas prices.

5.  Think of your journey on the train as a vacation in and of itself.  Bring binoculars or a camera to try and capture some of the sights you'll see along the way!

1 comment:

suburban prep said...

due to a health issue I am unable to fly. I have taken the train therefore accross the country and from differening points in Europe. It is a wonderful way to learn a lot and to just relax.

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