Thursday, January 28, 2010

Assorted Table Tips

I hope this week's topic has reminded you of some of those forgotten table manners and tips.  To finish up I've pulled some "assorted table tips" from Emily Post's Etiquette. Enjoy!

--Remember to make good use of that napkin in your lap!  Wiping your fingers as necessary and blotting your lips every so often

--If you can't seem to get a certain piece of food on your fork do NOT use your fingers to push it on to the tines.  Use a piece of bread or your knife as the pusher.

--If you use bread to sop up gravy or sauce, make the sure the bread is on the end of your fork and use your fork to eat the soaked bread--not your hands/fingers!

--When you are finished eating, do not push your plate away from you.  Also avoid saying things like "I'm stuffed" or "I'm done."

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