Monday, January 25, 2010

Dining and Entertaining

I thought we'd get back to basics this week and take a look at some good old fashioned table manners.  Particularly if you have a Valentine's date coming up, it is always nice to make a good impression at the dinner table, whether your out and about or in someone's home.  Having good table manners allows everyone to focus on the meal and conversation rather than the distractions of someone's poor table manners. Let's review some examples of a table setting:

If you are ever overwhelmed by your place setting, remember that when it comes to utensils, you always work from the outside in.  There is never more than three of any element (unless there's an oyster fork, making 4 forks in a formal setting) and the cutting edge of the knife always faces in toward the plate.

(content via Etiquette by Emily Post 17th ed. and photo credit)


The Eubanks said...

Love this! There is nothing that irks me more than incorrect table settings, I know that's strange but one of my pet peeves :)

Andry said...

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