Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Responding to Rudeness

Sometimes when someone is rude to you, it can happen so quickly, you don't even know how to respond.  Other times you may choose to walk away in order to avoid a confrontation.  Whatever you do, there are some helpful things to think about as you contemplate your response.

Don't take it personally.  Sometimes the rude behavior is due to that person being a bad mood or having a rough day.  Give them the benefit of the doubt and consider what they could be going through to trigger that behavior.

Size up your troubles.  Is it best to just let it go?  Sometimes addressing a conflict can be a waste of your time and energy.

Take responsibility for your own actions.  Examine whether or not you did something to provoke such behavior.

Mental exercise.  Count to ten or focus on yourself or something else before you erupt in anger.


Pinot after Playdates said...

i have a 4 year old-i count to 10 a LOT.

great post!

Melissa said...

Sizing up your troubles is a HUGE one. I often think that its not worth it to let someone else's rudeness or bad mood put you into a bad mood too. Bad moods are contagious and you have to be responsible for keeping yourself out of it. Besides the time and energy it takes to deal with certain things will just send you over the edge and in the end you will realize it just wasn't worth all that you just gave it. Letting it go and getting over it can be the difference between being happy and positive or being crazy and negative all the time.
Thanks for a great post!!!! :)

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