Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shopping Smart

Here are additional manners-minded tips for a pleasant shopping experience:

1.  As your purchases are being rung up at the register, get your wallet, checkbook, etc. out and ready to go.  It can be frustrating for those waiting in line behind you if you wait until your total is announced and than waste precious time searching for your form of payment.

2.  Keep children under control.  If you know your child has a hard time behaving while you are shopping, make arrangements for a babysitter or time with the grandparents!  If you are shopping with you child, try to avoid times when they are hungry or tired, your kids and fellow shoppers will thank you!
3.  Keep cell phone use to a minimum and avoid adding to the noise around you.  If you must be on your phone, kindly end your conversation before you get to the register.  Talking on the phone while being checked out tells the person at the cash desk that they are invisible to you.

1 comment:

the clark family. said...

Um, I think this needs to be copied and printed out and hung at every check out lane I've ever been in. Would that everyone followed these rules...

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