Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's Rudest Behavior

Per Miss Emily Post herself, if people were asked to vote on today's rudest behavior, these would certainly be among the tops:

1.  Using obscenities is public
2. Yelling your cell phone conversation so loudly, everyone hears
3.  Treating salespeople, waiters or other service providers as beneath you
4.  Letting kids run wild in restaurants or shops
5.  Butting in, whether in a line or stealing a parking spot


Heather said...

Number 3 and 5.

I am guilty sometimes of #1, I have a trucker mouth at times but it gets better with age and when I have kids I hope it goes away completely!

Sole Matters said...

Hello! I wanted to contact you and find out how much your little personalized note pads are. I sent an email to the "info" email addy, but it came back to me.

the clark family. said...

Numbers 3 and 4 are the absolute worst for me.
I think even more so since I've had Liam (#4).

The one thing that gets me is when a patron at a restaurant lowers their chin, raises their eyebrows, picks up their empty glass and shakes it at their server across the room. It's like saying "I'm sorry, I'm not polite enough to ask you to refill my glass, or even to wait until you have a free millisecond to come to my table."
I guess I just don't understand why people feel that they can be mean to people who handle their food (ew!) and get away with it.

suburban prep said...

# 3 #4 and #5 are big pet peeves with me.

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