Friday, March 26, 2010

Ashley Brooke Designs: Breast Cancer Foundation


A few weeks back we were contacted by a foundation that supports the Breast Cancer research called Breast Friends. They were having a charity event luncheon and asked if we would like to be involved! I jumped at the request, "of course we do!"! One of my very favorite clients headed up the event in Indialantic, FL and as soon as she saw our Valentines that give she thought we might be able to create something just as fantastic for breast cancer. And that we did!

We had a booth right outside of the gorgeous ball room. We sold lots of fabulous things including debuting our YOU ARE FABULOUS postcards! Everyone had a blast and the Ashely Brooke Designs table was a H-I-T!! Most likely because we are all ex-cheerleaders and can get energy in a crowd like no ones business!!

But, I couldn't of done this with out the help of my husband who package stationery for 2 days, my sister, Kyla, who came to help and just happened to provide her DE-licious homemade vanilla bean cupcakes, and Betsy, who sold her little heart out!! You all were life savers & I'm lucky to have you!!

Thank you again for everyone who came and stopped by our booth! We enjoyed chatting with each of you! You are all so much fun and we are honored to say we were apart of such a wonderful event!

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writing4612 said...

That is wonderful! I have a few family members that have suffered from breast cancer, so it's great that you did something just for them.

The event looked beautiful!

lovelylittleruffles said...

Your booth looks great! That's awesome that you got to participate and give back to such a great cause!

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