Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ashley Brooke Designs: Voicemail Messages

Here are some things to remember when leaving a message for someone or when someone leaves you a message:

Leaving voice mail:
Always state your name and number first thing.  This will alleviate your name and number from getting cut off when you've exceeded the allotted time for the message.  Keep your message brief.  People don't like long messages and you should save the majority of your conversation for when you do get in touch with the person you're trying to reach.  Particularly if you are leaving a message of complaint.  Keeping it brief will prevent you from feeling like you can say whatever you feel, instead of constructively offering criticism and looking for a solution.

Returning calls:
A good rule of thumb for returning messages is to do it within 24 hours, unless you are out of town or there are other extenuating circumstances.  If you are forced to leave a message, tell the person when exactly you'll be available to chat.  Hopefully this will help you to avoid playing phone tag.

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Suburban Princess said...

And please say what you want! I hate when people call, leave me a voice mail and all they say is for me to call them back. Then I call them back and get their voice mail...have no idea what they wanted and have to simply tell them to call me back!

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