Thursday, March 4, 2010

Final Thoughts on Tipping

Sometimes when you have poor service you may want to tip less.  While it can certainly be understood that you may feel dissatisfied and want an outlet to express your displeasure, here's a couple of things to consider.  

If there is a problem, bring it to the attention of your waiter and know whether or not it's a problem they can solve.  If it is beyond their control, bring in the manager.  If your problem is resolved you should tip the full amount.  

If your waiter produces so-so results and doesn't deserve all the blame, you can reduce the tip to 10%.

If your server was down right nasty, 8% is considered to be the fairest expression of your dissatisfaction.  In some cases restaurants report up to 8% of their take as waitstaff income, so tipping less than this could cost the waiter/waitress.

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Suburban Princess said...

I have to disagree - if someone's income is made up mostly on tips, they should not have their poor behaviour rewarded at all. If they are nasty it should cost them money! No one else gets to go to work, be nasty to a customer and still get their bonuses.

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