Monday, January 5, 2009

The Blog Makeover!

Well, as you can see the blog has gotten a make over....
Okay so here is the deal, during the long, may I say well deserved holiday break I did some serious rethinking on how I could better serve you (i.e. clients/readers).
I have come to, what I think is, a brilliant idea! I will turn this blog into something that can offer you advice and tips on everyday etiquette.
Now, I am by no means an expert and I constantly make mistakes, but I do love to study etiquette and learn things from the people around me. In this blog I will share tips I have learned along with, of course, my new designs and sketches.
My hope is that this blog will turn into a self help guide to the little things that make life better. Also, feel free to comment on anything I write, I would love to hear your thoughts and/or bounce ideas off of each other.
So here's to a New Year and a New Blog!
Happy 2009!

1 comment:

Miss Monogram said...

I love this idea--it's perfect!

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