Saturday, January 10, 2009

What do you do when you forget a persons name???

I am so incredibly terrible at this! I don't know if this is because I am in my own little world or if I need to get my hearing checked, regardless I can not pull it together when it comes to remembering peoples names... in fact I may make that my New Years Resolution.

.... So as I was doing some research last night I stumbled across the correct etiquette for what to do when you have forgotten the persons name that you are talking to.

Easily enough Emily Post says that you should

First apologize then quickly say that you've suddenly forgotten their name.

Once the person has responded with there name quickly say thank you and go on with the conversation. There is no need to continue to apologize.

Well there you go... problem solved!

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Doug at EE said...

Hi Ashley, I have a strategy for remebering names. I learned it from an old guy in retail and it's really a memory strategy. when you meet someone and you get their name, repeat it back to them. So, "It's great to meet you Steve", where are you from Steve?" It's also important to look into their face when you do this. It helps create a memory "faceprint" in your mind making it easier and more natural to recall their name the next time you see them. The key here is to look into their face and repeat their name a few times. I believe a handshake also helps when using their name. This is such a big issue in so many aspects of our lives because people love to hear their names.

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