Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Talk Brunch

This Sunday like every other Sunday we went to brunch after church. It is my favorite part of the week since we all get to eat together and share our weeks with each other. But, this week was a little different! We ended up at Dexter's, which has a fantastic Sunday brunch and is in the heart of downtown. As a frequent visitor to Dexter's I have to tell you that this Sunday was like no other- the clothing choices were OUT OF CONTROL! Most everyone in there was wearing what they went out in the night before! Some were wearing questionable dresses (as in.... is that a top?!?!? because it is tooooo short to be a dress!) Others where wearing sequins and what I can only call "hooker make-up". So as you can see ladies, this is NOT OKAY FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH!!!
The dress code for Sunday brunch may vary from place to place, but usually it is "Smart & Casual" meaning: nothing you would wear to a club!
These are some good options!
Dressy Casual
Men: Slacks, seasonal sport coat or blazer, open-collar shirt
Women: Street-length dress, skirt and nice top, or dressy pants outfit
Business Casual
Men: Khakis or slacks, seasonal sport coat or blazer, open-collar shirt
Women: Khakis or slacks, skirt, open-collar shirt or knit shirt, sweater
Sport Casual
Men: Khakis or jeans; nice tee, polo, or casual button-down shirt
Women: Khakis or jeans; nice tee, polo, or casual button- down shirt
Beach Casual
Men: Khakis or shorts (cargo or Bermuda), Knit shirt, sport jacket optional
Women: Sundress or khakis or shorts (cargo or Bermuda), open-collar shirt or knit shirt, lightweight jacket or sweater
Also, Wardrobe 911 has a great article on Sunday brunch!
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The Pink Tutu said...

I love Dexter's! I've never been for brunch though. Is Summit near downtown? I go to First Baptist over on John Young. Sequins on a Sunday . . . interesting!

cancersucks said...

I went to Rollins and love,love Dexter's. When we take the kids to Disney World we always have to stop by Dexter's for lunch. Glad to have found your blog.

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