Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Etiquette Refresher for the Weekend!

Here are 10 Quick Tips to get you through the weekend!

1. Turn the cell phone off -- completely -- during a luncheon
meeting, social function, or on public transportation.

2. Hold the door -- whether male or female, hold open a
door you have just passed through for the person behind you.

3. Bring a gift for the hostess -- preferably one that doesn’t require her
to drop everything she is doing.

4. Keep to the right -- on the sidewalk, in

5. Say please and thank you -- to waiters, flight
attendants, store clerks, cab drivers -- the little things go a long way.

6. Circulate at a party or social gathering -- whether
hostess or guest, the people, not the food or drink, should be your main

7. Keep food or drink, briefcases or files in your left hand --
keep your right hand free for handshakes.

8. Stamp and address thank you notes in advance -- when
you know they will be needed, then fill them out and drop them in the mail after
attending an event or receiving a gift or favor and you’ll be done.

9. Make eye contact and offer a warm smile -- in every
situation, this sets people at ease.

10. Be perceptive -- survey a situation and always use
your best judgment.
“Now, more than ever, people need to live graciously,”
says Dinyon. “Having
good manners is always in style.”
Courtesy of: Pioneer Thinking


Monica said...

I agree with you, cell phones are annoying, especially when you are on a date with someone. I think it's rude when people are eating dinner across from you and are on their cell phones. What has this world come to?

zentmrs said...

Great reminders! Folks who must use their cell phones during meals and get-togethers make me crazy! And I agree - please, thank you, generally good manners with everyone with whom you come into contact really does make a difference!

Europafox said...

What a great list - nice little reminders! I love the tip on thank you cards - so simple yet I've never thought of doing that before!

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