Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gift or no gift when RSVPing no to a child's birthday party?!

I received a great etiquette question last Wednesday asking:

If you are invited to a child's birthday party and you are just "so so" friends with the mother and you can't make it to the party, must you follow up with a gift later?

My thoughts initial thoughts on this is no.
Especially since you are most likely going to 3 birthday parties every weekend!
But I do think there are certain circumstances that the answer should be yes.
One, if they are family members, I think you should send a gift.
And two, if they are nearby neighbors.
I hope this helps!

Also, I received another non-etiquette questions last Wednesday asking:

What do you use to do your drawings? colored pencils or markers?
Do you do watercolor too?

I actually use a combination of markers, felt tip pens, and colored pencils.
Occasionally I use watercolors, but that is more for when I do landscapes, flowers, etc.


b is for brown said...

tell me this...if you are making the cake for the party, should you send a gift as well? you've seen my cakes...they take time and money.

Europafox said...

This was an intruiging post - it's always a bit of a dilemma! I have an ask Ashley question perhaps you can give me a second op on, and maybe thers would be interested to hear your thoughts on - a good friend of mine (although whom I have only seen sporadically in the past few years) is getting married and I am unable to attend, although invited. She has sent through her wedding list on a group email to those who are attending - asking guests to contribute gifts in the form of pay pal contributions towards her honeymoon (albeit described in 'gift' format -i.e. bottle of wine at winery / contribution to car hire etc). I am unsure as an non-guest but good friend from years ago (although I hvaen't seen her in 2 years!), I should still send her a gift frm the list. Would it not be more appropriate to send a small gift of my choosing? or does the list mean they don't want unsolicited gifts?! Rather confusing - your expertise would be much appreciated here!

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