Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nosy Financial Questions

Do you have friend who wants to know the price tag on everything? How much was your house or rent? What about your car? handbag? shoes?

Do not feel compelled to answer these questions. If you want to take the direct approach you can kindly explain you'd rather not say or you've decided not to discuss your finances with friends.

If that makes you uncomfortable you can politely dodge the question (this is probably what I would do :) Respond to a question about how much you paid for your car with "Probably more than I should have." and then quickly change the subject "But it gets such great gas mileage, I'm excited not to have to fill up the tank every other day." This gets your friend on to a new topic and demonstrates the financial question is closed for discussion.

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short southern momma said...

Love it!! I needed that lesson! = )

Sweet Carolina Bride said...

And what about people who are constantly talking about how they paid this for this and don't ever buy anything if it's not on sale? It sometimes makes me feel bad for not being so frugal. I have a few friends who do both what you referenced and the above! I've learned not to mention certain purchases around some people.

You should do a post about Christmas gift limits. That is always a hot topic as the holiday nears. My husband and I enjoy giving freely, but sometimes, we have to navigate the spending limit pool with friends and extended family which can be quite tricky.

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

It seems obvious, but I always struggle with that - I love how you phrased the 2nd way! I will keep that in mind, since I think it is also kind of rude to tell people, "it's rude to talk about money."

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