Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prepping for the Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year often include some of the year's best recipes. Start preparing your menus now and stress less on the big day!

Start collecting recipes from your favorites sites, blogs and magazines. Compile a list of things you'd like to make and then look at what dishes may complement each other for each particular meal (don't forget traditional family favorites too!). Consider buying larger, more popular items ahead of time and putting them in the freezer, nobody wants to try and find a turkey the week of Thanksgiving!

You can also scour blogs and magazines for inspiring table-scapes. Once you've decided on the decor for your table you can slowly start picking up pieces at local craft stores and gift shops and avoid the rush as the day draws closer.


Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

So true! We're hosting Thanksgiving and it's like 2 days after we get back from being on vacation so I've been trying to come up with our menu now... way in advance so I'm not scrambling when we get back.

Preppy 101 said...

My favorite recipe book is filled with menus from years past. xoxo

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