Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday = Nat'l Popcorn Day

Happy Tuesday!  We are still getting orders for Valentines That Give and I am so grateful!  Keep them coming until Friday :)

Yesterday on Twitter, the lovely Muffy Martini mentioned today is National Popcorn Day!  And there is nothing I love more than popcorn--sometimes its my dinner, I mean seriously, that is popcorn love.  Popcorn, although, I love it anywhere, anytime, makes me think about the movies.  So I thought we'd talk movie etiquette today in honor of National Popcorn Day.

Movie Etiquette Ideas:

--Cell phone needs to be on silent or vibrate.  If you need to text or respond to an email, do so outside the theater, as the light can be distracting.
--Keep whispers and conversations to a minimum
--If you are worried about other talkers, sit near the back as louder patrons tend to sit closer
--Another way to avoid crazy crowds is to skip the opening weekend and see the movie at a later time.


Muffy said...

Happy Popcorn Day!!!! Great movie tips, I get so frustrated when people answer their cell phones in a theatre! How uncouth!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Cell phone everywhere, ugh! Definitely the worst part of bad etiquette in the theater. People just can't be without them. And Happy Popcorn Day to you as well! I loooove popcorn!

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