Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ashley Brooke Designs: Our Easter Weekend!


We had a ton of fun this weekend, full of family, friends, Laughs, church, egg dying, and of course good food!

P.S. The bottom left photo is a forth generation (all starting with my Great Grandma Ann in the blue) picture we snapped right before brunch at my parents house on Easter Sunday!

** Note to self, never put a Nerf Gun in your husbands Easter basket, he will torture you and your furry little dog too with little foam darts all day long!!

Content and Illustrations ©2010 Ashley Brooke Designs. All Rights Reserved.


Raining Pearls said...

Ashley you are too cute for words! Love it :)

Llama said...

HAHAHA! I will note that about the nerf gun...it has trouble written all over it!lol!

Domestic Goddess said...

great pics!!

the clark family. said...

Aw- somebody got out the Martha Stewart glitter! Love the eggs- so pretty and creative. Just what I expect from you!

sanjeet said...

its a great pics!!
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diamond rings said...

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