Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ashley Brooke Designs: Walking The Dog

We've been having some extraordinarily beautiful weather lately.  After a cold winter by Florida standards, everyone is excited to be out and about (I totally stay inside due to the allergies but that's neither here nor there...).
Since everyone is so eager to be out in this nice weather I thought today we'd review a couple of tips for walking your dog outside.

Obviously, everyone knows to clean up after their dog uses the bathroom.  But some other points to remember:  Always have your dog on a leash.  As convenient as retractable leashes may be, consider that with their super thin lines, retractable leashes can appear almost invisible to oncoming joggers and cyclists.  Also keep your leash to 6 feet or under so that your dog can't get too far!

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Ashley said...

I would also add that you should be aware of where your dog is at all times. Last night while on a local greenway, an aggressive looking dog bounded toward my friend and me as his/her owner looked over her shoulder at other dogs. Luckily she turned around in time to pull her dog away from us, but it was disconcerting--not to mention rude--nonetheless.

Love all your tips. Thanks for sharing!

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