Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ashley Brooke Designs: Stress-Free Gifting

HI there!

Happy Thursday!  I am so excited to visit my cousin's new baby today--sweet, sweet Anna!  Then I get to have dinner with Miss Monogram and LAS--should be a fun-filled day!

Today I thought I'd share a favorite blurb from Emily Post's Etiquette with tips for stress-free gift giving.

-Ask recipients for hints or a wish-list.  Be on the lookout for items throughout the year.
-Trust your own judgment.   Don't be afraid that the gift isn't perfect, if you think they'll like it, they probably will.
-Stay on budget.  If you spend outside your budget, the fun of gifting will be overshadowed by the stress of extending your budget.
-Have nice, thoughtful gifts stashed away in a gift closet for when the gifting occasion presents itself.

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Diane said...

I love your daily etiquette posts! I have a request-what do you do when you're being subtly hit on and want it to stop? Haha, it sounds weird but let me explain...

I work at the front desk of a gym, and towards the end of my shift a janitor my age (about 20ish) comes in to clean the place before we close. He always comes behind the desk, takes a chair and starts talking to me for like 15 minutes since I'm not busy. I don't want to be too rude so I usually don't make eye contact with him and answer with simple "yes" or "no"s. Is there a better way to do this?

Also, my sister and I were having lunch at Whole Foods yesterday at one of their large tables. 2 boys came over and ate with us, interrupting our conversation and asking us where we go to school and where we're from and stuff. How would I politely tell them to leave us in peace?

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