Monday, July 27, 2009

Jillian & Andy's Wedding Weekend!

One of my very best friends got married this weekend in Georgia.
We have been friends since we were three! So needless to say, this weekend was wonderful! We all had such a fabulous time being together and the bride and groom were glowing the entire weekend with excitement!Here are all of the Bridesmaids at her bachelorette party!
The happy couple right after the ceremony!The Florida-Georgia bridesmaids.
Florida girls on the left - Georgia girls on the rightThe Daniel family breaking it down!
My soon to be groom! I love this girl!

Congratulations to the VERY VERY happy couple!! We love you oh so much!


Iva said...

such a beautiful wedding! such a beautiful bride! {as are YOU!}


Adore weddings...Beautiful day & lovely couple indeed!

The Pink Tutu said...

What a beautiful wedding! It looks like it was such a fun time. Where in Georgia was it at? You all look fabulous!

AllyRae said...

My favorite has to be the Daniel Family breakin it down. Classic. Classic Daniel Family style :) which is why I spend as much time around ya'll as I can.

writing4612 said...

Love the dancing one as well as the last one.

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