Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exercise Class Etiquette

Not everyone feels comfortable winging it at the gym. For some, exercise classes are a better way to stay in shape. If you are attending classes there are certain points of etiquette to consider.

--Never enter class late. This disrupts the class for everyone else.

--If you bring water, make sure its in a spill-proof container

--Don't ever bring food

--Put away your gym bag. People can trip on your bag or its straps, let's just leave it in the locker room.

--Stay quiet. No cell phones and no chit chat.


Hannah Lane said...

I love when someone comes with an iced coffee and full face of make up in the early AM...that is SERIOUS work out mode!

Emma S said...

Another point to add is not to stand right behind someone that has picked their spot to work out on!

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