Monday, September 14, 2009

Gym Etiquette

I spend many mornings at my local gym and let me tell you it can be a scene. It's so entertaining to watch all the people go about their routines in the morning. But there are certain things that should and should not happen at the gym (don't even get me started on things that should and should not be worn to the gym...but that's for later in the week ). Below are some classic dos and don'ts:

-Always wipe off your mats and machines. No one wants to come up after you and wipe up your sweat. Gross.

-Please do not stare at other patrons. Most people like to go unnoticed at the gym

-As cardio machines are very popular, please limit your usage to 20 or 30 minutes if you notice people are waiting.

-Reset machines to a lower weight setting when your done

-Think about how you smell. Use deodorant and be careful using perfumes or colognes because these smells will intensify as you work out


All you need is love... said...

I am so excited to have come across your designs...

I already know that when I get engaged, I want at least one of my set of invitations to come from you.. if not all of them!!

gigiofca said...

#1 & #5 -- those kill it for me.

Now how do we tell everyone else? Can we put this on the next voting ballot for each state? They should be mandatory laws.

Anonymous said...

"Reset machines to a lower weight setting when your done"

why? ...been going to various gyms for 20 years....first i've ever heard that one

Practically Perfect... said...

I couldn't agree more. There's nothing worse than a sweaty machine or having to wait, wait, wait because someone is hogging the elliptical.

Tracy Langgle said...

Probably because you have raised the setting, but it gives people that are less experienced or new to the process a starting point without struggling.

My guess.

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