Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Splitting the Check

We've all been to those large group dinners where everyone breaks out into a sweat when the bill arrives. Do we split the check evenly? Pay for exactly what we ordered? Here's what the Emily Post Institute has to say about it...

- At an informal get-together, decide as group prior to sitting down if you want it all on one tab or if some people in the group would prefer a separate check. Either decision is fine, as long as its agreed upon before dinner

-If a single check it agreed upon and everyone orders food in the same price range, it makes sense to split the check evenly

-If people's orders are markedly different in price and if diners consume a couple of alcoholic beverages while you just have water, those who spent more should offer to cover more of the bill. If they don't gently remind them of some of the larger differences and split the check accordingly.

1 comment:

Dollface said...

I also believe in splitting the check right down the middle. Maybe that was the way I was brought up. but I also believe in picking up the entire tab sometimes... and then again getting treated :) xxxooo

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